Eat Sleep Poop App

Eat Sleep Poop App is a collaboration app for parents of a newborn so they can log events related to their baby’s health, such as vaccines, eating and sleeping. Read More


Casetabs is a responsive web application for coordinating surgeries. When I joined the team, the web app was in Beta, but surgery staff were not finding it useful. Casetabs hired me to explore the issues at stake from a user experience perspective, with the goal of transforming their “customer council” (a group of real users that have agreed to provide feedback during design and Beta) into cheerleaders of the product. Read More


I worked with a cross-functional team (approximately 8) and the Director of UX with the goal of introducing the web site’s first ever redesign since its inception, 14 years prior. Additionally, we were launching mobile apps while also rebranding the entire product; and forming a brand collaboration with Autodesk. Read More