My strategy for great ux:

Prototype, Discuss, Iterate

Let’s Whiteboard!

I relish opportunities to collaborate with others to help them identify and solve problems related to their user experience – whether it’s creating a product from scratch or carving out new features, I love the social aspect of UX. That includes conducting user research, wireframing and prototyping.

Case Study: Personalizing Cards

A typical UX project at this company takes about 3 weeks. This project took 3 months. Why was it so challenging, and what steps did I take to continuously make progress?
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New American Funding

I spearheaded the initiative to infuse UX into this company’s enterprise products, ranging from mobile apps to sales reports.
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Eat Sleep Poop App

This product is a medical app for parents of a newborn so they can log events related to their baby’s health, such as vaccines, eating and sleeping.
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