My strategy for great ux:

Reduce the cognitive load for a happy user experience

Let’s Whiteboard!
I relish opportunities to collaborate with others to help them identify and solve problems related to their user experience – whether it’s re-designing the UI, or making changes to copy, I love the narrative aspect of UX: “how do we get them from points a-to-b in the most delightful way possible?” Being that I was a developer prior to becoming a UX Designer, I have a strong technical background that empowers me to negotiate user flows, interfaces and visual designs – and to test those solutions with users.

Lastly, I’m fun to work with! Let’s whiteboard!

Eat Sleep Poop App

Eat Sleep Poop App is a collaboration app for parents of a newborn so they can log events related to their baby’s health, such as vaccines, eating and sleeping.
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Casetabs is a responsive web application for coordinating surgeries. When I joined the team, the web app was in Beta, but surgery staff were not finding it useful.
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I worked with a cross-functional team and the Director of UX with the goal of introducing the web site’s first ever redesign since its inception, 14 years prior.
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