New American Funding

“Sergi has the ability to make complex visions a reality with his astounding attention to detail when creating mocks, wires, and other UX-oriented features.” – Max Graef, Sr. Licensing Specialist at New American Funding

Location Management Tool


A CMS-like tool for managing the 100+ plus satellite offices NAF has across the United States.


To kick-off this project, the team I was on needed to communicate with 5 different departments to understand their touchpoints in the branch creation and management process. I spearheaded expert research by having the stakeholders from the 5 departments help us use post-it notes to build out a timeline of the branch origination, management, and closure process. Then I designed wireframes and elicited feedback on those wires.



The biggest challenge for this project was understanding our user’s needs. This is a utilitarian tool for enterprise use; our users would represent persons from 5 different departments, such as licensing and human resources. Some of these users needed a minimal tool set, in that they played only a minor role in the branch creation and management process – but others, such as facilities, needed a voluminous form for tracking multitudinous data points.



  • creating notifications would allow users to know if changes had been made
    the tabbed interface for each detail page sectioned off the content for each user – this way they could focus solely on their own work, or browse their colleagues’.
  • many of the locations are clustered – by putting a “nearby” widget, it gave the users an opportunity to easily glance through related locations
  • user permissions: we needed certain details to, such as the location address, to appear in multiple locations – however, we only wanted users from 1 department to have editing capabilities of that address. By using permissions, we made sure that other departments would not accidentally modify data that was not under their accountability umbrella.



By iterating through the wireframes and setting up collaborative review and research sessions, then prototyping side-by-side with the developers, we were able to design a product that is light, easy to navigate and meets the needs of the various scenarios and user types at the company – from the CEO looking for changes in the branch statuses at-a-glance, to the director of facilities needing to input updated information about the square footage of a rented property.