In the words of Luke Wroblewski, one of the leading voices in form design, "forms suck".  In my opinion, they are the most often used and inconsistent convention in the web and software realm. For that matter, RedBeacon - a service for finding contractors - has produced a compelling argument for forms that are conversational.  The forms on their site gently ask us to fill-in the blanks, or select from the suggested choices.  By serving up these forms that play on the metaphor of the form as a conversation, they also succeed in creating a human connection with the user.  And that's a big success in UX -- when we can make a user forget, even momentarily, that they are interacting with a piece of hardware, then we (as product developers) have  taken a step closer to creating a bond with them. Conclusively, if our product has created a bond with them, they are less likely to walk away from that experience thinking "forms suck".

conversational web form

RedBeacon's conversational form