Recently, my team set out to redesign a portion of an SPA (single page application) that we had already spent time designing and reviewing. The company strategy had changed considerably since our first go-around so we needed to iterate on the design. In order to kick-start our ideation efforts, I workshopped with the team in completingĀ Crazy Eights, a collaborative activity that stimulates idea generation.

Our workshop began with each participant folding a piece of paper into 8 squares; then we set a timer and each of us spent 8 minutes conceiving of 8 new ideas, 1 per square of paper.

The result of our Crazy Eights activity is that we were able to gather a few strong concepts in a very short amount of time. It bonded us as designers and problem solvers as we shared our "eights" with each other. And it helped us reject ideas very quickly too. Arguably, the most value of this activity was derived from the analysis portion, when we expounded upon our ideas and negotiated their merits. In the analysis portion, we got to re-think our own ideas, while also providing feedback on our teammates'.

Have you ever tried Crazy Eights? If not, I suggest you do. The entire workshop can be completed in less than 30 minutes while providing a launchpad for team bonding and idea generation.

Yael Levey. "How to: Run a Crazy Eights exercise to generate design ideas"