A Health App for Better Blood Pressure

To prevent him from dying, I created an app that integrated his loved one into the app's design infrastructure.

My Blood Pressure App screensThe user's loved one invokes his behavior modification


Mike Sherp – the client – had failed time and time again to be disciplined about taking steps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.


Prototyping, Sketching & Wireframing tools.

  • Paper Prototype
  • Balsamiq
  • Fireworks


  1. developed a User Profile based on a real person – the client.
  2. created a Paper Prototype.
  3. conducted User Tests with the paper prototype revealed that the additional feature of a recorded voice would increase the user's personal connection with the software application.

User Testing Script, My Blood Pressure App, preview sizeUser Testing Script, My Blood Pressure App

concept diagram - understanding the problem - preview imageConcept Diagram – understanding the problem(s)


Software that helps users modify their behavior is challenging because users must connect with it on a very personal level.

Personalizing software by having it be integrated with the user's personal life is the key to creating behavior modification.