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Exploring the T in “T-shaped UX Guy”

The T is a visual representation of the following concept:  the horizontal axis represents multiple skills - such as empathy, engineering, information architecture, visual design, wireframing, content creation, user testing, whiteboarding - skills that add to the whole picture; whereas the vertical bar represents the specialization, such as Interaction Designer.

In my case, I started off my UX career as an Interaction Designer - feeling that the thrust of my skills was in interpreting/predicting/enhancing user interfaces (i.e., where the interactions happen in a software application). But I soon came to realize that I wasn’t ready to pigeonhole myself - even though my business cards suggested otherwise.  So, I began to modify my personal narrative: “I'm a Generalist  - but the perfect jobs are the ones where my colleagues LOVE whiteboarding, and user testing, too. "

I've also come to realize that most of us, including myself, are not a 90 degree T type.  My T is a little more like a robust tree with low hanging fruit. I'm not just "Super Duper Whiteboarding Strategist"; I'm also "decent visual designer; strong coder; pretty solid video editor; great writer(?!); rapid prototyped; great user tester and researcher - with experience designing a Google Glass app."

For more about me, follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  But know what, you can catch me on YouTube, Tumblr, Google Plus, Flickr and Yelp too. Cool? See you at the Internets!

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How to Re-Order Pages in WordPress

If you need to re-order the navigation in your WordPress menu, it's quite easy to do.  Here's how you can accomplish sorting the menu items:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin to enter the Dashboard
  2. click on the 'Quick Edit' link in the Pages view
  3. to the right side, you'll see that each page by default is set to an order of 0
  4. click inside the input fields change the order numbers to be sequential, e.g, Home [0], Blog[1], About[2], etc
  5. be sure to click the UPDATE button after each change

Why's it a good idea to re-order the navigation of your site?  Think of the user experience, and the fact that English reads left to right.  The normal hierarchy for web sites is to have the Home link at the farthest left; and then to continue in order of importance.  The last item in the menu, however, may or may not be the least important in the hierarchy.  For example, if the last item is the Contact Us page, it might be the least important in terms of content; then again,  your business might depend on customers being able to contact you.  In that case, being on the end could be helpful, in that it's the last item your readers scan since they've read the items in the navigation from left to right.

It's also helpful to consider the user experience in terms of storytelling: First we want to welcome them into our adventure (the Home or "Landing" Page; then we want to give them some details (Product Details); lastly, we want to give them an opportunity to connect with us at a deeper level (Contact Us or Blog or Social Media).

step 1 to re-order WordPress pages

in the WordPress Dashboard, select Pages; in Pages, select Quick Edit

steps 2-3 to re-order WordPress pages (navigation)

in Quick Edit view, change the Order number and hit the Update button to save