CapTap is the winning app we designed for unifying communities, which leverages Capital One's new developer APIs. Its customer is the users that are flocking to the growing real estate market of mixed-use condo living; It provides a secure and seamless transaction experience that benefits the residents, builders and merchants in these mixed-use developments.

The key technologies driving this application are Vault - Capital One's secure document exchange API - plus Capital One's 2 oAuth APIs. And the key facets driving the user experience are:

  • simple user profile creation
  • a wallet-free transaction experience.

The CapTap team included 2 Full-Stack Developers, 1 iOS developer, a Scrum Master, a Biz Dev leader and myself (UX Designer/Product Manager).

My participation included facilitating brainstorming and development/design discussions; wireframing flows; UI design and asset preparation; whiteboarding; and serving as team presenter to present the project to the Capital One Hackathon's judges and audience.

Our final deliverables were:
- A web application where a customer enters a code provided by the condo association;
- an iPhone app which:
-- gets paired with the account profile (by detecting a QR code);
-- communicates via a beacon to a merchant app
-- has a simple interface for accepting a charge from a merchant;

Wondering what the 1st place prize was? An Amazon Echo Show!