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How to Quickly Isolate a Part of an Image Using Illustrator

There are times when we need to isolate a region of an image graphic. We can use a mask in Illustrator to accomplish this in 2 or 3 steps.

For our example, let’s isolate the play icon from the screen grab I took (from’s website).

1) create a shape that covers the area you want to expose in your artwork

1) let's isolate the play button

1) let's isolate the play button

2) select that shape, plus the artwork beneath it
2) Create object clipping mask-make

2) With both objects selected, we create the object clipping mask

3) go to the Top Menu, choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make
3) View the masked play button

3) View the masked play button

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Ask Matthew Magain: What the #$%@ is a UX Designer?

Thru the use of a very succinct animation, UX Designer Matthew Magain has defined the role of the UX Designer. You have to watch his video, but the key takeaways for me are:

  • ux refers to what, when, why, how and who of using a product
  • ux must also help the business achieve its goals; must hit the sweet spot where user needs and business needs overlap
  • tools are used by UX Designers to take the user’s needs into account during every step of the product life cycle (including mobile apps, web and even physical products)
  • ux design applies the scientific method to humans and their behavior in order to optimize the product
  • ux is the design behind the visuals: you don’t have to be a great visual designer to be successful in a job as a UX DesignerHe also defines what is means to have a career as a UX Designer, and encourages people to pursue it.Here's a link to the video on YouTube:  What the #$%@ is a UX Designer